ESO Mastery Guides

What Are ESO Mastery Guides?

Members are provided with the most comprehensive strategy guides for The Elder Scrolls Online. This team of experienced MMORPG players that have a passion for theorycrafting, advanced strategies, and creating high quality ESO Guides. the Mastery Guides are detailed PDF guides with all the information, maps, & tools you will need to become an elite Elder Scrolls Online player.

Leveling Guides

.Level A New Character To Veteran Rank 14 In 9 Days Played Time

.Follow The Most Efficient Step-By-Step Leveling Path

.Maps & Walkthroughs For All Public Dungeon Quests

.Locations of All Skyshards, Mundus Stones, & Valuable Items

Constantly Updated

The Elder Scrolls Online is an ever-changing game. Locations, abilities, and game mechanics are constantly being changed and updated. There is also new content being added to the game on a regular basis. We are always on top of new ESO patches so we can keep our guides constantly updated. If you decide to purchase one of our premium guides you will receive free lifetime updates.

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REVEALED: How pro-gamers make 100 million ISK per hour and get their hands on the most powerfulships

Failed to complete the most rewarding missions
that your friends breezed through?

Lack enough ISK to buy those crucial items that
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It’s about time you conquer the most difficult missions on your first attempt. Make million ISK in an hour and shop to your heart’s content. Have your enemies flee at the sight of your ship’s silhouette. With this set of guides, you get there.

This systems team of pro-gamers
provides you with the most advanced EVE Online game guides you will ever find.

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Announced: Assetto Corsa for PS4 & XBOX One


Kunos Simulazioni, the Italian simulation development company behind such innovative titles as NetKar Pro and Ferrari Virtual Academy, and of course, the popular crowdsourced Steam-powered PC title, Assetto Corsa, has partnered with 505 Games to bring Assetto Corsa to your living rooms.

Surely waiting silently for the media blitz of Slightly Mad Studios’ Project C.A.R.S.’ retail release to end, Assetto Corsa has officially reversed their position against previous statements in support of developing the title for console platforms.  The ability to bring an innovative PC-sim title to the console was last attempted by SimBin’s RacePro in 2009 with not much of a splash due to the limitation of the console platform and dry simulator aesthetic.  However, in the age of the recently released next-gen console platforms, there is hope!

We are excited to get our hands on Kunos Simulazioni’s console version in 2016.  The now more frequented involvement of PC based simulation companies in console gaming is another…

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The Way To Know Which Video Games Are The Most Useful


Do you remember opening up the initial video game program as a little one? The expectation of coming up criminals or practically traveling by air a plane? I do, and ever since, video gaming have been an exciting hobby I’ve loved within my leisure time. Keep reading about pc games to learn ways to make video games even more enjoyable!

Before choosing a game title for a child, ensure that the game’s ESRB ranking is appropriate for that child’s era. Various games appear kid-warm and friendly, nevertheless it ends up they are certainly not. Create your buy selection once you have reviewed what elements the score is used on, like assault or words.

For moms and dads, video gaming can existing an actual conundrum. The kids surely would like to have fun playing the most up-to-date and best game titles their friends are talking about, but you wish to possess…

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Rise of The Tomb Raider Trailers: My Thoughts

The Beautiful Geek

Ever since my sister gave me my first Tomb Raider game for Christmas one year, I’ve been hooked on the series and pretty much obsessed. And when Square Enix released the last Tomb Raider game, I was so in love with it and impressed with how well they made the game. At long last, Lara Croft was the heroine that she was always meant to be. So it’s a no brainer that I’m super excited for the new game coming out this winter, Rise of The Tomb Raider.

This game takes place after the incident on Yamatai, Lara’s first adventure and what started it all. According to Wikipedia, what happened to Lara on Yamatai was covered up by an organization called Trinity. To prove that she isn’t insane, Lara becomes obsessed with finding the truth behind myths around the world.

Supposedly, Rise of the Tomb Raider takes Lara…

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