Game Review: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Great Video! Great Game!


Publisher / Developer: Infinity Ward/ SledgeHammer Games/ Activision

Platform: PC

This year Infinity Ward and Sledge Hammer Games released Call of Duty Advanced Warfare across all the gaming platforms, of course some Call of Duty fans such as myself have appreciated the fresh new graphics, exo suit abilities and the smoothness of the game play (when it wants to be).

At this point, the odds of there being a catastrophically bad Call of Duty game on the core consoles are minimal. Even last year’s relatively unpopular Ghosts was solid enough and sold millions. Much as Nando’s isn’t about to forget how to cook chicken, and Starbucks coffee will always taste the same regardless of what extras get poured in, Activision’s many studios know how to make Call of Duty just how you like it. It’s less a game franchise at this point, and more a machine of polished predictability. You know…

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